Born in Brescia (Italy) in the 1972, actually living in Serle (Italy).
Since he was a kid, Riccardo always liked drawings and figuratve arts.
After attending the "Caravaggio" art school of Brescia (Italy) he graduates as "maestro d'arte in decorazione pittorica" and in the 1993, in the same institute, he graduates in "applied art". Following that, he chose to attend the Fine Arts Academy of Brera, in Milan (Italy), graduating in the 1997 with honors.
After graduating, he works in Gabriele Saleri's studio, a local artist.
From 1998 to 2003, he works for a specialized company.
He opens his own studio in 2004.
His favourite technique is oil on canvas, even if he does a lot of other techniques. Favourite subjects are still life, portraits and holy scenes.
He joined many personal and collective art exhibitions, receiving good feedbacks from attendance and critics.
He holds art classes in several schools in Brescia area.
His works are in private collections, in Italy and abroad.